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Here’s what comes in your first set of Polymer Clay Projects:

Polymer Clay Project:
Natasha Bead
Polymer Clay Technique:
Learning to create beautiful kaleidoscope
mirroring effects

Here you will learn a simple process to create a complex-looking, kaleidoscope effect bead. The technique is simple. What it creates is  visually stunning.

Polymer Clay Project:
Citrus Cane

Polymer Clay Technique:
A super useful technique for creating refreshing
pieces of fruit!

This technique will show you how to use caning to create all kinds of citrus fruit for beading, jewelry and seasonal decorative objects..

Polymer Clay Project:
Heart Pin

Polymer Clay Technique:
Learn to use the micashift technique

This simple pin is used to demonstrate a step by step process to learn the mica shift technique. Mica shift is a technique that, once you master it, will give all your pieces sophistication and complexity.

Polymer Clay Project:
Jointed Bear

Polymer Clay Technique:
Build whimsical creatures with movable joints!

Here you will learn the secrets of creating a life-like creatures and a very innovative technique for giving the creature movable joints. It’s very cool! A total must see.

Polymer Clay Project:
Faux Turquois

Polymer Clay Technique:
Learn to create dead-on, life-like turquois effect
with clay.

Even if you’re not a big turquois fan, this polymer clay technique is a great jumping off point for lots of different applications—you only limit is your imagination!

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